info P1250009
Start shaping the body
Removing unneccessary parts
P1250011 P1250012
Adjusting the vise
P1250013 P1250014 P1250015 P1250016 P1260001 P1260002
Making of holes
P1260004 P1260005 P1270001 P1270002 P1270003 P1280001
Body is ready
P1280002 P1280003
Brass bearing. I didn't have any bronze
P1280004 P1280005 P1280006 P1280007 P1280008
Cutting blade
P1280009 P1280010 P1280011 P1280012 P1280013
Parts almost done. Blades still not hardened
P2030001 P2030002 P2030003 P2040001 P2040002 P2040003 P2050004 P2050006
Cutting rubber bands
P2050007 P2170009 P2170010 P2170011